your sweetest neighbour

Split is richer for another pastry shop, one specializing in making the Chimney Cake.

It is the first specialized pastry shop for Chimney cake (Kürtöskalacs) in Croatia. Chimney cake is a delicacy of Hungarian origin, cylindrical, filled with different delicious supplements. The dough for these sweets is made of seven traditional, natural, organic ingredients, hand-picked and freshly baked, on request. In addition, these sweet pastries will offer sweet and salty cakes, as well as some “Dalmatian desserts” varieties, complemented by various supplements. Sweets are exceptionally well-received, and all those who have so far enjoyed them outside the borders of Croatia, can now do so in Split.

There was a lot of talk about this cake, lots of people tried it in various countries of the world, many stood in a long line because of the crowd, so it was not hard to decide to open such a specialized pastry shop.

Why “Škartoc”?

In Split, a similar cake is made of a leafy dough. We call it ‘škartocet’.

“The first reactions are praise for the idea, enthusiasm, curiosity, and great joy especially from those who have tasted the cakes before.”

For lovers of salty, a special salty cake with the taste of Dalmatia is also designed. It is a combination of cheese, parsley, garlic and anchovy oil. After it is baked, the cake is poured and filled with filling of two types of cheese, ham, smoked paprika, cream and Dalmatian spices. The second, fish combination with tuna, anchovies, capers, mustard and spices has won all the lovers of a good snack, in our region known as “marenda”.

Apart from the offer, we also differ from other pastry shops in Split by the making of the cake itself. Each cake is made in a traditional manner, manually, just before baking and in front of the customer, there is no freezing, reheating, standing on shelves or showcases. As we get opinions from our customers, there will certainly be other cakes, pastries and various delicacies in the future. We will introduce them gradually because we want everyone to visit us and find something for themselves.

Want to open your own Škartoc?


Put Brodarice 6, Joker Mall 4th floor, 21000 Split

Mon-Sun 9:00 – 22:00

Phone: 091 3378724