Menu (English)

In our offer we have sweet (left one in picture) and salted (right one in picture) scallops and fritules.

SWEET SCALLOP combinations:

Sprinkle (goes on caramelised scallop ) – Oreo, Coconut, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Čoksa (Chocolate), Pistaccio

Fill (goes into scallop ) – Nutella, Linolada, Vanilla Cream, Peanut, Marmalade (Pomegranate/Apricot/Mixed), Honey, Syrup (Cherry/Apple)


Scallop rolled into two types of cheese, coated with olive oil, garlic and parsley 

Addition – mix 1 (ham, cheese (croatian “posni sir”), gauda cheese, kulen (sausage),  corn), mix 2 (tuna, anchovies, caper)

SWEET CORNET – two balls of ice cream by choice, seasonal fruit, hazelnut syrup

FRITULE made according to a tradicional recipe, baked every half hour so that they’re fresh and delicious throughout the day, ready for customers